Built from same Slackware Current components as LxPupSc64 but no LXDE

Kernel 5.15.23 64-bit


Similar look and feel to ScPup32

Minimal Light webbrowser in adrv - full size browsers from: here

Donations are welcomed.... ;-)

Download the latest ScPup64-22.02+4 ISO from SourceForge - Uploaded on 06-August-2022

Open the ScPup64 updates folder on SourceForge

These updates can only be applied to the base ScPup64-22.02+0-T.iso with md5 checksum a4021f77d6d325b0a1096b31e2b24ffb

Reverse_updates are available to recreate the original .iso from each of the updates

Updates are cumulative....you only need apply the latest

Download the base ScPup64 ISO from SourceForge

Download the ScPup64 DEVX from SourceForge

Download the ScPup64 Kernel Sources from SourceForge

ScPup64 Kernel Headers now in devx

Download the 32-bit-compatibility sfs from SourceForge

Download the LXDE desktop by ydrv from SourceForge

Download the LXQt desktop by ydrv from SourceForge

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